Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pet Shop In Town

Animal Ark Pet Centre is a new Pet Shop 100% owned by Bumiputra and opened recently at Platinum Walk in Danau Kota, Setapak Kuala Lumpur. We would like to share our products and service with animal lovers aka owners out there.
Pet food that we carry are :
Science Plan, Avoderm, Sportsman's Pride, Addiction, Blackwood, Royal Canin , Iams, Premium Edge, Taste of The Wild & Fussie Cat (canned) . Also availabale food for Other small pets such as Rabbit, Hamster etc
Cat Litter :
Fussie Cat Litter Sand, Cat it - Scentless Cat Litter Bead & Litter Star Crystal Bead
Accessoriess :
varities of cat collar, scratching post, bowl, food feeder, water feeder, nail cutter, leash etc
Supplement :
Kitzyme, Nutri-Coat, Milk, Hairball, Nutri-Cal, Fellovite, Hi-Vite etc
Cat Boarding :
We provide cat boarding service which inclusives of food, drink & litter sand

Basic Cat Grooming :
Every Saturday & Sunday and kindly call us for appointment

We hope to see you in our store soon.

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  1. Science Plan pek 15kg ada tak kat kedai U? berapa harga ya?

  2. Thanks a Million for the wonderful service provided to MY3HEROES. Will definitely come again. Kisses from ABOO, LEO and PUSPA.

  3. Hi. how much u sell blackwood kitten?

  4. Can I know your operating hours please?

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  6. Great news.
    I love to visit your shop someday.
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  7. Hi can I noe how much u charge for cat boarding per day?