Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This Super Premium Cat Food Product is from USA and contains of AVOCADO OIL which is meant for Healthy Skin & Fur.

Healthy Skin & Fur
Through experienced by cat owners, the condition of a cat's skin & fur is usually a reflection of overall health. One of the factors of poor skin health is caused by dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. The symptoms of poor skin health are shedding, thinning fur, dullness, dry flaky skin, excessive scratching, thickened skin, infections and odors and these can be due to shortage of specific nutrient. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your cat healthy.

Nutrient rich avocados contain vitamina A, E & C and excellent source of balanced nutritional essentials for your cat's skin and fur health. Avocados are high in folate, potassium, niacin, essential fatty acids and others. NO CHOLESTROL and avocado is simply one of the most nutritious fruits.

Less Litter Box Odor
AvoDerm Natural Provides your cat with a blend of natural ingredients that help control litter box odors and make spending time and sharing living space with your cat much more enjoyable.

HOT PROMOTION!!! (Terms & Conditions Applied)

1. Any purchase of AvoDerm Natural Cat Food 3.5Lbs FREE 1 bag of Fussie Cat litter sand 5L

2. Any purchase of AvoDerm Natural Cat Food 14Lbs FREE 1 bag of Fussie Cat litter sand 10L

3. Collect 10 barcodes of the same weight bags of AvoDerm Natural FREE 1 bag of the same weight

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cat Grooming

We Provide Basic Cat Grooming Daily Except Monday & Friday

Grooming is important to maintain the hygiene of a cat and keeping it in the best of health. Grooming a cat regularly will go a long way in ensuring that the cat doesn't fall ill of avoidable reasons.

Our basic grooming regimen comprises of giving the cat:
1) a bath and combing its fur
2) trimming its nails
3) cleaning its ears
4) cleaning its eyes.

However, if the cat is having flea problem we advice to treat the cat by using frontline spray or frontline combo to kill the flea and a week later to groom the cat as to ensure the cat is really clean and free from flea.

As we do not use any kind of sedative medicines, we dont do shaving for serious hair matted problem. Kindly bring your cat to vet to do the shaving.

Our New Charges : (with effective from April 9, 2011)

1) Short Hair Cat : RM 15.00
2) Semi Long Hair Cat : RM 20.00
3) Long Hair Cat : RM 25

As time is limited, kindly call us at 03-4148 1131 in advance for booking. Thank you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pet Shop In Town

Animal Ark Pet Centre is a new Pet Shop 100% owned by Bumiputra and opened recently at Platinum Walk in Danau Kota, Setapak Kuala Lumpur. We would like to share our products and service with animal lovers aka owners out there.
Pet food that we carry are :
Science Plan, Avoderm, Sportsman's Pride, Addiction, Blackwood, Royal Canin , Iams, Premium Edge, Taste of The Wild & Fussie Cat (canned) . Also availabale food for Other small pets such as Rabbit, Hamster etc
Cat Litter :
Fussie Cat Litter Sand, Cat it - Scentless Cat Litter Bead & Litter Star Crystal Bead
Accessoriess :
varities of cat collar, scratching post, bowl, food feeder, water feeder, nail cutter, leash etc
Supplement :
Kitzyme, Nutri-Coat, Milk, Hairball, Nutri-Cal, Fellovite, Hi-Vite etc
Cat Boarding :
We provide cat boarding service which inclusives of food, drink & litter sand

Basic Cat Grooming :
Every Saturday & Sunday and kindly call us for appointment

We hope to see you in our store soon.

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